Liberating Genius is a movement designed to rekindle the innate genius of all people!

Most of our schools today demand that students memorize “facts” to arrive at predetermined “answers.” Instead of creating opportunities to spur kids to “think outside the box,” we reward them for burying their imaginations and “coloring inside the lines.”

As long as standardization remains the primary focus of our schools and jobs, we diminish our natural genius. The more we reward blind compliance and conformity, the less we encourage our current and future leaders to discover for themselves the unbridled sense of wonder, adventure and opportunity that comes from fearlessly pursuing our dreams and ambitions.

There exists a gigantic chasm between the scale of the existing problem and the scale of the current response. It is time to begin illuminating, liberating and celebrating the unique gifts that ignite enthusiasm, celebrate responsibility, and inspire noble action in this and next generation of leaders.

Together, as an unlikely coalition of soldiers, business leaders and schoolteachers, we can lead the change we want to see–beginning right now.

The our lives are canvasses waiting to be painted.

Liberating Genius is the brush needed to create a masterpiece.