Every opportunity is unique, every event is different. There is no way your keynote/workshop  should be the canned, off-the-shelf speech most speakers repeat.

We have developed turnkey strategies to meet your objectives with minimum overhead and maximum flexibility for future growth and expansion. Our solutions provides you excellent professional development programs with access to a host of facilitators with world-class leadership credibility.

Our Presenters are known for their demonstrated leadership experience and their ability to customize and contextualize every presentation – to specifically align with the objectives/theme of your event. The list below represents some examples of the many topics that can be addressed via any of the following venues:

Keynotes/Presentations (up to 90 minutes)
Workshops (2-4 hours)
Author Introductions/Book Signings (time varies per event)
Executive Coaching (time varies per client)
Consulting (varies per topic/client)

Topics May Include:
• Leadership Excellence
• Courageous Communication
• Employee Engagement
• Motivation and satisfaction
• Creating Employee Excellence
• Ethics and Integrity
• Creating Change Agents
• Leading Change
• Imagineering 101
• Teamwork
• Working Together Effectively
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Presentation Skills
• Making Meetings Work
• Strategy
• Fair Fighting (Negotiation Skills)

A few of our Offerings:

The Command Group™
The Command Group™ leverages the proven leadership and strategic experience of command-level active and retired members of the United States Military. We specialize in providing unique engagement opportunities designed to enhance individual and organizational performance. Members of The Command Group™ are selected for inclusion based upon a record of accomplishment of validated success in senior-ranking positions through which they have gained command experience leading complex challenges in dynamic environments. Through these proven leaders, The Command Group™ provides world-class engagement commensurate with the demanding expectations of high-profile clientele who are seeking accountable leadership insight, training, coaching and development.

12 Talents, LLC.
12 Talents, LLC is a revitalization firm that specializes in bringing out the best in people and organizations. Our organization helps improve client profitability, enhance employee engagement and maximize customer satisfaction. In a nutshell, we are the Spark which Ignites the potential of people and organizations to become Fully Alive.
Founded in 2013, 12 Talents, LLC is the creation of John Michel and Matthew Fritz—both highly-decorated former senior military leaders with unparalleled records of performance. Having successfully led multiple award-winning organizations in both peacetime and wartime, they and their team bring an unprecedented level of expertise in a host of domains ranging from strategy development, leading complex change, executive coaching, organizational enhancement, emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry.

If you are interested in contacting one of our team  of accomplished leaders for speaking engagements, please complete send us an email and we will contact you.