Our Executive Team of Senior and Associate Curators is here to ensure your experience at GeneralLeadership is positive and worthwhile. Please take a moment to learn more about our Team:

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John E. Michel, Senior Curator and Chief Executive Officer

John is a widely recognized expert in culture, strategy & individual and organizational change. An accomplished unconventional leader and proven status quo buster, he has successfully led several multi-billion dollar transformation efforts and his award-winning work has been featured in a wide variety of articles and journals, including the Harvard Business Review. In addition to serving our nation as an active duty General Officer in the United States Air Force, John enjoys helping people learn to walk differently in the world so they can become the best version of themselves possible. He is blessed to be married to the most patient person on the planet and together, they have two amazing sons. You are encouraged to learn more about John at his website, www.MediocreMe.com
- Contact John Michel via email ( JohnMichel@MediocreMe.com)
- Military Biography
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Matthew T Fritz - GeneralLeadership.com
Matthew T. Fritz, Associate Curator and Chief Operating Officer

Matt is a leader and life-long student of emotional intelligence, strategy & individual and organizational change. A successful senior-acquisition program/project manager and flight test director with documented success in the areas of test and evaluation, assessment, technology development and flight operations, he has specialized experience in cost, schedule and performance management of program related issues and agendas.
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George Fritz - GeneralLeadership.com
George Fritz, Associate Curator and Chief Technology Officer

George is the founder and owner of Arthur Creative Marketing, and a successful entrepreneur. With over 40-years of business management and development experience, George provides a customer-based, business backed focus to entrepreneurs. George has created over thirty profitable brick-and-mortar and on-line ventures. With a broad base in accounting, sales, and marketing, with strong emphasis on developing people skills in production management, He brings real world organizational, sales and marketing responsibility and success to the table.
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Catie Hargrove - GeneralLeadership.com
Catie Hargrove, Associate Curator and Chief Creative Officer

With a passion for helping leaders to overcome organizational and employee engagement challenges, she leads executives and their teams in for-profit, nonprofit and government organizations to improve both their personal and organizational effectiveness.
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Douglas VanWiggeren - GeneralLeadership.com

Douglas VanWiggeren, Associate Curator and Chief Communications Officer

Doug has almost 40 years of experience successfully leading military organizations, managing commercial aerospace and automotive logistics operations, and providing consultative services to government organizations. He appreciates well-constructed prose and is enthusiastic about communicating written ideas in better, more positive ways.
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Garth Sanginiti - GeneralLeadership.com

J. Garth Sanginiti, Associate Curator and Chief Knowledge Officer

Mr. Sanginiti is the Associate Curator and Lead Curriculum Development for GeneralLeadership.com. Known for his interpersonal and team building skills, Garth has successfully tackled challenging change and leadership issues throughout his 21 years of Civil Service.
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Angela Maiers - GeneralLeadership.com

Angela Maiers, Associate Curator and Chief Academic Officer

Angela is the founder and President of Maiers Education Services, a consulting firm headquartered in Clive, Iowa. Her company provides just-in-time consultation services to schools, organizations, and individuals seeking to use technology and social media to leverage human capital and production goals.
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Jean Michel - GeneralLeadership.com

Jean Michel, Associate Curator and Chief Learning Officer

Mr. Michel was appointed as the Air Combat Command’s Community Support Executive Advisor, Directorate of Manpower, Personnel and Services, Headquarters Air Combat Command, Langley AFB VA, on 1 Oct 12 following a brief assignment as Chief of the Services Division, overseeing the orderly transition of MAJCOM services responsibilities to AFPC as a part of the Services Centralization initiative.
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Holly Michel, Associate Curator and Chief Philanthropy Officer

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